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We’ve partnered with independent game developers to use our adaptive learning game technology to bring even more fun and interactive game options to learners using our subscription.

ExoDexa Games run on a powerful stack of proprietary technology

Adaptive Content Engine
ACE empowers instructional designers and teachers to create content that fits directly into our games. Teachers can even “launch” a version of the game with their own playlist of content.

Adaptive Learning Gamification and Agility Engine
ALGAE is the engine that serves up content inside our games. Powered by algorithms and data, it scaffolds the learning for each individual learner. To put it simply – it serves up simpler questions with helpful hints if the learner isn’t getting the concept, and more complex questions to measure mastery for learners that are ahead.

Our Platform covers both curriculum aligned-content and extracurricular skill development

Develop Well-Rounded Life and Career Skills:

  • Collaboration
  • Communication and Presentation Skills
  • Teamwork and Healthy Competition
  • Personal Development and Goal Setting
  • Preparing for College and/or Career
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Coding
  • Film Production and Editing Basics

Improve School Performance with content like:

  • AP Physics
  • Business Law
  • History and Government
  • Algebra
  • Logic
  • Biology, including genetics
  • Writing and Storytelling
    … and much more

Education is not a game, but learning can be.

ExoDexa products lead learners to success through engaging design and gamification.

✅ Connect from anywhere in the world
✅ Get into college
✅ Improve grades
✅ Learn and retain more information
✅ Reduce school-related stress

Are you an educator interested in our platform for Virtual Field Trips?
Learn more about our educator offerings here