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Higher education has followed the same model for the last hundred years. Despite extreme changes in educational tools and styles, traditional colleges and universities have failed to change with the times. Tech companies like Google have recently shifted their focus, and their funding, to provide high-quality training to anyone who cares to access it. Is this new format of education the future? Is Google ahead of the curve when it comes to preparing the next generation for jobs in tech? 

A 100 Million Dollar Investment

Google just recently announced that they will be allocating one hundred million dollars to their Google Career Certificates fund. This fund works to provide high-quality training to talented people specializing in data analytics, IT, project management, and UX design. With this program, young up-and-coming talent can skip the traditional college route and receive the training they need to enter the world of tech and begin their career right away. This program is hands-on and job specific but provides students with the opportunity to begin working in their dream jobs without a four-year college education. 

The Benefits of the Program

The Google Career Certificate Fund is turning traditional education on its head. It allows talented young people to bypass the traditional education track and begin their careers more directly. Instead of recruiting from a pool of college graduates like other tech companies, Google is growing its crop of highly talented and capable employees. 

Not only will it allow Google to recruit serious talent at an earlier age, but it will also ensure that their employees are trained in a manner that prepares them for their specific careers at Google. It negates the need for any new hire training and even ends up saving the employee and the company thousands of dollars in education-based fees. 

For prospective students, this program is a direct path into the tech industry. It is far less expensive than traditional schooling and does not require unnecessary classes. Higher education is inaccessible to many students and this option evens the playing field when it comes to a possible career in tech. For students who may not be able to afford a traditional college experience, this pathway offers an enticing opportunity into the world of tech where students can receive job-specific training and hands-on experiences that can benefit them in future employment. 

Possible Issues with a Corporate-Centric Education

Although this program offers many students an accessible education, it also poses some possible issues if utilized long-term. The standard of education may shift, and the next generation of tech industry workers may be missing out on the things that make these companies innovative in the first place. If students are forgoing the traditional educational experience in favor of company-provided training, they may be missing out on skills gained in a traditional college experience. Tech companies may risk creativity and innovation in exchange for the ability to directly educate their workforce. 

Is this the future of higher education?

Google does intend to take over the world of high education, but if they continue to support affordable access to high-quality learning platforms they might just make a dent. Although these certifications provided by Google will not replace a traditional degree they can act as an express ticket into the tech industry. 

Where the Google Career Certificate program shines is in its ability to equip anybody with the necessary skills to break into tech. If you have a hunger to learn, Google is ready to feed you the education you need to perform marketable and valuable skills. This program is a phenomenal tool when it comes to padding your skills set and adding value to your resume. 

The groundbreaking thing about Google Career Certificates is that they are actively working to even the playing field. Google recognizes that talent and hard work are not always synonymous with a college degree. Google may see a huge benefit in providing education to those who may traditionally miss out due to scholastic performance or financial restraints. 

The future of higher education becomes more interesting when we consider the possibility of companies providing educational platforms that make traditional institutions less desirable. Google’s Career Certifications may also make it easier for individuals to switch careers and ease the transition into tech by providing high-quality hands-on online education. 

It is hard to see this program overthrowing traditional higher education. However, it is easy to see the Google Career Certification program replacing similar certification programs offered by universities. When compounded with an undergraduate degree these certifications become valuable for young people attempting to burst into the tech industry. The affordability of the program is an enticing factor that may draw more young talent directly into Google’s pool of possible employees. For anyone looking to get into the tech industry, Google’s Career Certification levels the playing field and makes it possible for young tech-minded talent to change their dreams into reality.