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Faster Learning Through Games

The ExoDexa Platform helps kids retain knowledge up to 10x faster* with award-winning learning games. Stay Connected for Exciting Game Announcements and Release Details!

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“I’ve just opened your book and need to force myself to look away! After each paragraph I find myself saying, ‘Yes, yes, yes!’ I hope and pray your book is welcomed with open arms. As I read, I think back to our own local school system (Todd County) voted worst in our state . . . we desperately need this type of transformation in our systems!”
–Dr. Nora Antoine, professor and board of education member for the Rosebud School District

“Educating each child based on individual achievement, passion, and potential has always been a challenge for schools. Utilizing the exponential growth in technology and artificial intelligence over the past few years, Nolan and Leah have created a blueprint to differentiated success unlike any that I have seen in my 20+ years in education.”
–Rory Peacock, K–12 educator

Our Tools Power The Future of Education

Gaming is a social experience that taps into the power of social learning. Innovative teachers love our innovative hybrid approach to learning using virtual game worlds.
ExoDexa Game Worlds are available exclusively to public school teachers in partnership with
Two Bit Circus Foundation.

Learn Ten Times Faster*

*Our adaptive learning technology has been tested in a North Carolina school with a test and control group. Adaptive Practice was shown to teach kids up to ten times faster with far better retention and application when compared with lecture based learning of the exact same material.

High Quality Learning Experiences

Connect from anywhere in the world
Eliminate school-related stress and anxiety
Fun and interactive game worlds
Improve grades, test scores and more
ExoDexa Boosts Confidence and Turns Stressed Kids Into Happy Learners